Session 3.3 – Innovations in the submission process

Saturday, 25 June 11.45am-1.00pm

Format-free submission: gain for some, pain for others?

Submitting an article to a journal can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Journals can support their authors by allowing them to submit their work in any format. Implementing a format-free workflow is not without its challenges, however. This presentation will address the practical aspects of introducing such a workflow and tackle the myths and concerns that may surround it. It will be relevant to editors, authors and reviewers.



Michael Willis

Senior Manager, Researcher Advocate, WileyUnited Kingdom

Michael Willis has been at Wiley since 2005, managing the development and implementation of peer review best practice across many disciplines. In his current role as Researcher Advocate, he explores how Wiley can best meet the needs and aspirations of researchers as editors, reviewers and authors in the submission and peer review process.

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This session in full

Session 3 – Innovations from editors to help authors with manuscript submission
Chair: Aimee Nixon, MDPI
3.1  Going with the flow: how to build an effective cascade network – Piers Stanger, Institute of Physics Publishing (more details)
3.2  Multi-journal processes before and after journal submission – Bernd Pulverer, EMBO (more details)
3.3  Format-free submission: gain for some, pain for others?  – Michael Willis, Wiley (more details)