Scientific Programme

The scientific programme was held on Saturday, 25 and Sunday, 26 June. There were 9 sessions and various supporting activities on the Friday.


3.00pm-4.00pm     EASE General Assembly and AGM

4.00pm-4.10pm    Trailer presentation of Vendor Showcase event, scheduled for Tuesday, 28 June online from Digital Commons

4.10pm-4.30pm    Tea break

4.30pm-5.00pm    Welcome to EASE! Welcome and introduction to the Association and its activities, tips for getting the most out of your membership

5.00pm-5.15pm     Presentation from the sponsors of our journal, European Science Editing, ARPHA

Good to meet you, networking opportunities

6.00pm-7.00pm     Welcome Drinks Reception



Welcome address from EASE President, Duncan Nicholas

Session 1 – The landscape of scholarly publishing in Spain

Chair: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, Conference Committee Chair
Opening keynote by Dr Reme Melero (more details)

MDPI, premier sponsor

Presentation from Mr Joel Bonet, MDPI, our premier sponsor highlighting their services

Session 2 – Pre-submission, helping authors to prepare high quality scientific papers

Chair: Professor Cem Uzun,  Koç University School of Medicine, Chair of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, EASE Council
2.1  Teaching science writing: how editors can work with authors to prepare a good article – Professor Ana Marušić (more details)
2.2  Instructions for authors and submission guidelines – Thomas Lang (more details)

11.15am-11.45am Break
A chance for in-person delegates to chat over coffee and croissants, while online delegates could mingle in our virtual conference hall on our GatherTown platform

Session 3 – Innovations from editors to help authors with manuscript submission

Chair: Aimee Nixon, MDPI
3.1  Going with the flow: how to build an effective cascade network – Piers Stanger, Institute of Physics Publishing (more details)
3.2  Multi-journal processes before and after journal submission – Bernd Pulverer, EMBO (more details)
3.3  Format-free submission: gain for some, pain for others?  – Michael Willis, Wiley (more details)

1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

Session 4 – Pre-peer review manuscript assessment

Chair: Andrea Baier, British Ecological Society
4.1  Should this manuscript go out for peer review? An editor’s perspective – David Gibson (more details)
4.2  Identifying Papermill Submissions and Image Manipulation – Zara Manwaring (more details)
4.3  Adherence to animal ethics policies – Emilie Aimé (more details)

3.15pm-3.30pm Short break

Session 5 – Structured peer review – with the EASE Peer Review Committee

Chair: Mario Malicki, Stanford University
Case studies and panel with Dr George Vousden, PLOS; Maria Kolesnikova, Pensoft and PRC Chair, Dr Bahar Mehmani, Elsevier

4.45pm-5.15pm Tea break

Session 6 – EASE Forum Live!

Small discussion groups, with the same topics being discussed by both in-person and online delegates at the same time.

  • Open science: What’s the publishers role? Open access policy, advances in open science, how to encourage authors to share data
  • Gender and diversity in science publishing
  • Preprints
  • Editorial office, efficiency, innovations, training

8.30pm Conference Dinner at local restaurant


Networking – Breakfast get-together

A chance for in-person delegates to chat over coffee and croissants, while online delegates could mingle in our virtual conference hall on our GatherTown platform

Session 7 – Post-peer review manuscript assessment

Chair: Delia Mihaila, MDPI
7.1   Evaluating peer review and making decisions – Dr George Calin, MD Anderson Cancer Center (more details)
7.2  Communicating reviewer and editorial comments to authors and making the final decision – Dr Duc Le, The Lancet, UK (more details)
7.3  How to deal with appeals during the peer review process – Dr Enric Sayas, MDPI (more details)

10.45am-11.15am Coffee break

Session 8 – Post-acceptance manuscript editing

Chair: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, Conference Committee Chair
8.1  Checking the quality of copy editing without actually reading – Yateendra Joshi, Freelancer, EASE Council (more details)
8.2  Introducing the SAGER Checklist – Yaiza del Pozo Martin and Heather van Epps, The Lancet Group (more details)
8.3  Artistic licence: artwork permission practices at The Lancet group – Danielle Gash and Chris Wortley, The Lancet Group (more details)
8.4  Going beyond English at The Lancet – Zoë Mullan, The Lancet Global Health (more details)
8.5  Maintaining scientific integrity: corrections and best practices at The Lancet Group – Ashley Cooper and Jess Dwyer, The Lancet Group (more details)
8.6  Transparency for retractions – Evelyne Decullier, Hospices Civils de Lyon (more details)

12.30pm-12.45pm Short break

Session 9 – Social media and science communication- opportunities and challenges

Chair: Dr Ines Steffens, Editor-in-Chief, Eurosurveillance, EASE Vice President
Matt Hodgkinson, UKRIO highlighted the opportunities and challenges of science communication in the era of social media, and offered some real world examples of how they can be managed (more details)

President’s closing remarks


Conference close