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Author Toolkit

Welcome to our Author Toolkit. These guidelines are aimed at helping scientists worldwide to present their research results and briefly explain how to write complete, concise, and clear manuscripts.

We have compiled these guidelines and resources from our own publications and those from trusted industry organisations.

If you have a specific question, post it on our Author Forum to get a quick reply from EASE colleagues and industry experts.

Before you start writing

From planning to write, to choosing potential journals

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Writing your first draft

Collating the key information and planning your manuscript

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Revising your draft and adding details

Fine-tuning, fact checking and enhancing the value of your paper

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Additional materials to consider

Acknowledgments and authorship, declaration of competing interests, abbreviations, and other important details.

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General writing tips

Some common formatting details, style considerations and manuscript features to bear in mind

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Pre-Print servers

Understand more about this increasingly prominent publishing format

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Manuscript submission

Some final details to check to make sure you have everything in order to commit your submission

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