Manuscript submission

You are almost ready to submit your manuscript.  Here are some final details to consider before you make those final clicks.

Do not submit the same manuscript to more than one journal at a time. It is not considered ethical practice, and may result in duplicate publication, and excessive use of the time and efforts of editorial teams and reviewers.

Preprints and conference abstracts do not count as manuscript submissions to a journal, but some journals still do not allow it, see the information on Preprint Servers above.

Secondary publications are acceptable if intended for a completely different group of readers (e.g. the same paper reproduced in another language or for specialists and the general public), and you have received approval from the editors of both journals. A reference to the primary publication must then be given in a footnote on the title page of the secondary publication. For translations, include a full citation to the primary publication and permission from the copyright owner for its publication in another language.

Before starting the online submission process, check you have all the required information.

Read the instructions for authors again, and use your completed version of the EASE Quick Check Submission table as a reference to ensure you comply with the essential requirements for submission.