Research and publishing ethics

Research and publishing ethics are two forms of conduct over which journals should exercise vigilance. Quality journals will provide details of the standards they expect authors to comply with during the study and reporting of research and detail their own editorial processes and accountability.

It is vital that research complies with  institutional, local, or national requirements and guidelines for ethical conduct.

The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) is the definitive body on publishing ethics, which you should familiarise yourself with if you are new to the submission process or have not previously visited their website. Many journals are members of this organisation and will display badges or statements from COPE on their websites. This should reassure you that the journal adheres to a high standard, give readers the information on how it handles research misconduct and resolves possible conflicts, and give you as an author a means of complaint should you feel your paper has been unethically treated during the editorial process.

Other useful resources for research ethics include (but not limited to):