Instructions/guidelines for authors

Failure to comply with requirements such as research and article structure, formatting, word counts, numbers of figures, tables or references is a common reason for immediate rejection.

Read the submission requirements and instructions carefully to ensure your paper can comply and ensure that your paper is formatted appropriately for your target journal before you submit.

Equally, you must ensure the journal can provide the service you need for some aspects of your paper. A common example is the publication of images, which may extend to other structural details of your work. If your paper has to include many large detailed diagrams or photographic images, or colour is an essential factor in understanding your work, check that your target journal has the capacity to publish these.

This document provides details and guidance on some common formatting requirements, but checking the specific journal guidelines before submitting is essential.

Use the EASE Quick Check Table for Submission to note down the requirements of a journal and ensure you have all the required material ready before starting your submission.