Conference Sponsors

Conference Sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support of the EASE Conference. Please support them by clicking on the logo and visiting their website.

AVES – Partner Sponsor

AVES is an independent publisher that publishes academic journals in accordance with international guidelines. AVES has, and continues to be, a dedicated supporter of the Turkish Regional Chapter. We welcome them as our Partner Sponsor.


ARPHA is a multi-purpose publishing platform for journals, books, conference materials and preprints, which supports submission, peer review, production, publishing, indexing, archiving and dissemination. ARPHA offers flexible operating and business models, automated and human-provided services, as well as consultancy and support.


An international membership trade body that supports and represents not-for-profit organizations and institutions that publish scholarly and professional content.


The not-for-profit membership organization improving scholarly communications by making research outputs easy to find, cite, link, assess, and reuse.


Developing sophisticated Editorial and XML technology solutions for publishers since 1992.

Knowledge E

Delivering learning programmes, consultancy and digital library solutions, to support the continuous innovation and development of organisations and government entities within the research and education sector.

Manuscript Manager

Manuscript Manager is a peer review system built for academic publishers and individual journals


M2PI provide a digital process for use in publication systems operated by academic journals in various fields.


Paperpal simplifies the process of manuscript submissions by offering AI-powered suggestions to fix errors in language, grammar, and technical reporting. It can be used both as a diagnostic tool to assess custom submission readiness and as an automated grammar correction tool. Paperpal is available as a plug-and-play tool without any platform dependency that supports journal editors and authors in expediting manuscript submission flow.

Select Crowd Review

Select Crowd Review allows a diverse crowd of experts selected by the journal editor to review manuscripts anonymously, concurrently, and in a condensed timeframe; this happens on a secure online platform developed and hosted by Filestage, the leading online proofing software founded in 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany. The results are a fast turnaround, less bias, and more profound insights for each submission.


Scholastica is a web-based software platform with modular tools and services for every aspect of publishing academic journals — from peer review to production to hosting and discovery support.


High-quality editing and proofreading for academia, researchers, business and corporate customers, and a range of ESL services