Session 8: Journal performance beyond the impact factor

Saturday 3 June 2023 – 11am-12pm (Turkish time)

From how to make the most of metrics to analyse journal performance, to policy initiatives that add societal value beyond publishing, this session will provide Editors, Publishers, and others involved in journal development and strategic planning with tools and tips to built influential journals. Cristina A. Huidiu will focus on how to use citation and other metrics to aid decision making (ie, understanding the impact of your portfolio, and trends and publication patterns in your discipline). James Butcher will take us through a journey to build an influential, quality journal. Juliet Dobson will tell us about how once established, a journal can add value to the field through policy initiatives and community engagement.


Yaiza del Pozo Martin

Deputy Editor, The Lancet Haematology, The LancetUnited Kingdom

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Session 8.1: Metrics and context in decision making

The last few years have seen an explosion of metrics as well as data types used to create insights. During this presentation we’ll be looking at the most common metrics as tools that can be used to help with specific decisions.

  • What is the impact of my portfolio?
  • What are the trends in a discipline?
  • What are my authors’ publication patterns?


Session 8.2: How to build an influential journal (audience: editors/publishers)


James Butcher

Practice Lead, Europe, Clarke & EspositoUnited Kingdom

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Session 8.3: Adding value to the field through policy initiatives and community engagement


Juliet Dobson

Managing Editor, The BMJUnited Kingdom

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